We handle searches for all types of lateral attorneys, both in-house and with law firms, at all levels (partners and associates, General Counsel, Directors of IP, Associate General Counsel, Senior Counsel, Corporate Counsel, etc.).

Our Goal

Our goal is to add value at every step of the process, both for our candidates (attorneys) and clients (law firms and companies) and to achieve the best possible result for all involved. It is a very rewarding experience to place an attorney in an exciting new position, and have the law firm or company thrilled with its hire.

For Our Candidates

We enjoy getting to know promising candidates early in their careers ï½­ often years before they are serious about actively exploring or considering another position.

Part of managing one's career is keeping abreast of other opportunities that may present themselves in the short term. Managing one's career also involves growing professionally and developing useful skills in one's current position.

We are constantly interacting with law firms and companies to get the latest information on their hiring needs and to stay on top of what these firms are doing in the marketplace.

For Our Clients

We strive to establish and maintain strong relationships with law firms and companies. We believe in the old adage that "hiring a good lawyer can be expensive; hiring a bad lawyer can be even more expensive." Our goal is to help law firms and companies find and hire the right lawyer to meet their needs. We do not try to be "all things" to all law firms or companies, but to conduct searches effectively and ethically. We respectfully submit that hiring the best lawyer for a given position—and having confidence that you are doing so—is well-worth our fee.

We strive to maintain focus and the highest level of quality service, to avoid ever making a promise we can't keep and to deliver top notch service at all times. We arm ourselves with useful information that enables us to locate and present the right candidates for the right position, minimizing the time and effort necessary for our clients to achieve their attorney hiring goals.

Our People

Carl A. Baier
Company president and founder, Carl A. Baier, has significant experience and contacts in the legal community and an outstanding track record and reputation. Before founding Baier Legal Search in 2004, he was previously a Managing Director in the Palo Alto office of a national legal search firm. He has substantial experience handling placement of associates and partners with law firms, and conducting searches for public and private companies at all levels (General Counsel, Director of Intellectual Property, Patent Counsel, and other corporate counsel positions). He has personally placed more than 55 attorneys with companies and law firm clients (and has been indirectly involved in many other attorney searches and placements).

Carl grew up in the East Bay, earned his BA degree in Human Biology (with honors) in 1983, from Stanford University and an MS degree in Biological Sciences in 1984, also from Stanford. He earned his JD degree from Northwestern University in Chicago (completing his last year at the University of California/Berkeley� Boalt Hall) in 1987. Before entering the legal search business, Carl gained extensive experience handling intellectual property and other litigation matters at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. He also served as a Deputy Attorney General for the California Department of Justice. While a practicing attorney, he participated in a good number of high profile cases, including Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) v. Diamond Multimedia, and People of the State of California v. Southern Pacific Railroad, et al. Carl spent the first three years of his legal career with the well-respected Seattle law firm of Culp Dwyer Guterson & Grader. He remains an active member of the California and Washington Bar Associations.

T. Tamara Suden
Associate T. Tamara Suden, was a practicing attorney in the Bay Area for many years and has well-established contacts in the legal industry. Tamara earned her JD degree from the University of Washington. She also holds an MA degree in English and a BA degree, summa cum laude, in History, from Santa Clara University.

We adhere to the National Association of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC) Code of Ethics (http://www.nalsc.org/about/ethics.cfm).